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$250 ultrasound

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Ultrasound Starting at just $250!


Carotid Ultrasound Package

Prioritize vascular health with our Carotid Ultrasound Package non-invasive, painless, and early detection for peace of mind.

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Echocardiogram Package

Discover heart health precision with our Echocardiogram Package advanced imaging for a proactive approach to cardiovascular well-being.

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Combined Package

Elevate your health with our Comprehensive Package—synergizing Echocardiogram and Carotid Ultrasound for a holistic cardiovascular assessment.

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Mobile Ultrasound & Imaging Service

GIG - Mobile Ultrasound
  • Experience top-notch healthcare at your doorstep.
  • Enjoy the convenience of home-based Echocardiogram and carotid Ultrasound.
  • Easy online booking through our form for Mobile Ultrasound appointments.
  • Elevate your health journey with our high-quality mobile facility.

Mobile Ultrasound at your doorstep, offering add-on features to any of the packages you choose!

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